Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bittersweet chocolate mousse

I love chocolate mousse.  It's such an 80's dinner party staple, and I am sad that I wasn't old enough to enjoy dinner parties in the 1980's.  But I am making up for it!

It's so easy to make, and looks super delicious and rich - though if I was going to serve it at a dinner party I would use a piping bag to get the mousse in the glass to avoid ugly splodges on the sides of the glass - doesn't mar the taste, but does diminish the appearance!

I didn't even bother to top it with whipped cream and grated chocolate - it really seemed like gilding the lily!

I made the full recipe, so it was 4 serves of mousse.  I managed to eat one the first night, but the second night I could barely manage half the mousse - I guess the rich chocolateyness (if that is a word) caught up with me (served with a decorated cappuccino):

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