Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Easter food

I love Easter, mainly because I love hot cross buns.  However, I do not think that they should be eaten much before Easter, and I am opposed to the supermarkets selling the buns from early February.  I also don't understand why you would buy hot cross buns without fruit (unless they have choc chips in them).

I tried the following kinds (in order of deliciousness):
  • Silo Bakery fruit, $2 per regular sized bun - heavy on the fruit and spice, and literally heavier than any other bun I tried.  For those not from Canberra, Silo is an amazing bakery with horrible service - reviews here
  • Brumby's choc chip, $6.50 for $6 - chocolate bun mix with decent size choc bits that retain their shape but go gooey when toasted.
  • Brumby's fruit, $6.50 for $6 - nice and fruity, a little peel.
  • Baker's Delight fruit, unsure on price - less fruit than Brumby's and a greater ratio of peel to fruit than I like.
  • Coles fine belgian chocolate, $2 for 4 - unpleasant, bitter and grainy chocolate.  
  • Baker's Delight choc chip, unsure on price - gross.  Too sweet.

I gave G a super cute bunny from Koko Black:

I made cupcakes that looked like chicks:

G made Easter Egg slice:

And we played 10 pin bunny bowling:

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