Friday, 30 April 2010

Stuffed mushrooms with gorgonzola dressing

I love this gorgonzola.   I love milder blue cheeses, and usually gorgonzola is too much for me, but not this time!  I don't know what brand G bought, but he will be buying it again if I have my way.

The mushroom part of this dish is simple - a flat mushroom stuffed with breadcrumbs, in my case, the leftover breadcrumbs from the blue eye mixed with the chopped stalks and a bit more olive oil.  Bake.

The dressing is the hero - gorgonzola, mustard, vinegar and an egg yolk.  Obviously not a dish designed for pregnant ladies, but I was willing to risk potential salmonella.  It was fabulous, poured over the hot mushrooms with a little extra gorgonzola crumbled over the top to make it even more marvellous.

Actually, the gorgonzola wasn't crumbled, and that is my one criticism of the cheese - not crumbly.  Minor issue really. 

Oh, it was meant to be serve on radicchio and with beans - both of which I despise, so that didn't happen!

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  1. The dressing goes very well with hot chippies too!