Monday, 19 April 2010

Recently discovered - Tartelette

I've recently discovered a blog called Tartelette, a blog by a French lady living in the USA. She takes beautiful photographs, and cooks delicious looking meals.  I have spent a fair amount of time trawling through her archives and have been inspired!  There are many dishes I would like to make.  I think most of her dishes would be perfect for a dinner party - they just look so fabulous!

She may or may not be coeliac, but she cooks a fair number of gluten-free dishes, and has done some things that I didn't think were possible to do gluten-free (eg pastry).

I have made the apricot and rosemary shortbread cookies (recipe)

The dough, after it came out of the food processor (which was cheating, because the recipe involves using a pastry blender, which I don't own):

A stack of delicious biscuits - the apricot comes from good quality apricot jam sandwiching 2 of the biscuits together:

And the taste?  Fantastic, a little odd (sweet + savoury) but wonderful.

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