Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Introducing The Minimalist, Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman writes a column called 'Bitten' for the New York Times.  He also vodcasts 'The Minimalist' - videos of him making some of the recipes he blogs about.  Of course, he has his own website too.

My take on his philosophy is that cooking can be inexpensive and easy, yet still delicious and impressive if necessary.  He really encourages you to use what you have got, and swap ingredients where necessary.  Most of his recipes have very few ingredients, and nothing that is too weird (although some of the chillis he uses are impossible to find in Australia, however, that is not his fault - he uses Mexican/South American chillis that we don't have access to in Australia).  He is also a proponent of keeping a well stocked pantry, and buying the best quality ingredients you can get, you just use less of them if necessary.

He blogs regularly and makes his dishes sound easily achievable.  The vodcasts really add to my experience of Mr Bittman - the dishes look so delicious, and so simple to make.  He tempts me to try dishes that contain ingredients I would not otherwise enjoy (eg chickpeas).  On the topic of his vodcasts, there is mixed opinion about the introductions.  I personally enjoy them and look forward to seeing a new one, whereas other people think they are a waste of time - judge for yourself!

Instead of cooking from a book for the next little while, I will be trying out some of Mark Bittman's recipes. 

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