Saturday, 27 March 2010

Carrot fritters (with scallops)

You will quickly notice that the scallops are not on the plate, rather it is chicken tenderloins marinated in vegetable oil and curry powder (the same spice that went into the carrot fritters).  I do not like scallops, I don't know how to cook scallops, and we live a long way inland, so I would suspect that scallops would not be that fresh and the only thing worse tasting than fresh scallops is old scallops!

This was the first time I have ever done any kind of frying at home (aside from pan fry with just a spray of oil I mean).  I had to cook so the fritters were abotu half submerged in the oil, until golden, and then flip.  Ensuring the oil was hot enough, and draining the fritters on paper towel afterwards resulted in really light, fluffy fritters that weren't oily at all.

You could really do this with any vegetable you like, and can be bothered to grate.  G suggested potato, but grating potatoes doesn't really appeal!

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