Friday, 19 March 2010

Honey cheesecake

Wow, this is a weird cake.  Mostly all ricotta, with very little extra added (weight wise) to make it a cake.  Seriously, it took 1kg of ricotta.

Anyway, as you can imagine, it's pretty easy to put together.  Partly done in the kitchen aid (the sugar and eggs), partly done by hand (folding in ricotta). Into the oven for a long, relatively low temp, bake.  80 minutes.  You can get a lot of other things done in 80 minutes, particularly when you are trying to make dinner at the same time.

When it first comes out of the over it is HUGE:

And then it deflates, a lot:

And keeps going, here it is served with some orange syrup and whipped cream:

Modifications: dried apricots, rather than sultanas - G's mum doesn't like sultanas.  That's all of the mods - I am a believer that baking is chemistry and you don't mess with the formula!

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