Monday, 29 March 2010

Chocolate (almost mud) cupcakes

I've previously described these cupcakes as melted butter and chocolate with a thought of flour - to indicate how little flour is in this recipe.

The ingredients:
  • 300 grams butter
  • 300 grams chocolate
  • 115 grams sugar
  • 115 grams flour
  • 5 eggs

The method:
Melt the butter and chocolate together - I have done this over the stove in a double boiler, and in the microwave.   I have heard of brave souls who have melted chocolate and butter together in a saucepan over direct heat.

Beat the eggs and sugar together until pale and yellow, and thicker.

Fold in melted chocolate/butter mixture, and make sure it is all mixed through - you don't want any vanilla streaks in your cupcakes!

You will be left with a pretty runny batter - remember, there is very little 'dry' ingredient in this mix.  So you will probably make a mess as you distribute it amongst a lined cupcake pan.

Bake, 25 minutes, 160 degrees.

Of course, for those chocaholics amongst us, the only option is to ice this cupcake with dark chocolate ganache!

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