Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Finished with February

So I didn't make everything I had planned from this issue of Delicious, however I gave it a good try, and liked most of the results!

What I made:
  • Ocean trout with smashed potatoes
  • Ben's pumpkin (sweet potato) scones
  • Tomato and goat's cheese tart
  • Cheat's peach melba (althought it wasn't called that)
  • Asparagus salad
  • Milk and honey parfait

What I didn't get to:
  •  Brioche french toast
  • Spiced rice salad
Successes?  Well everything tasted good, but I have made the peach melba again (with nectarines and blood orange gelato) and I have absolutely raved about that tart!  If I had to pick just one it would be the tart.

Less successful?  the texture of the milk and honey parfait wasn't great , and the asparagus salad wasn't totally amazing, or particularly original. 

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