Friday, 12 March 2010

Chargrilled tuna with salsa verde

Jamie serves this on a big platter, and made coriander salsa verde.  You have to admit that his looks very pretty!  I don't really like coriander, and was only making the dish for 3 people, which didn't really warrant a platter.

The salsa verde (my version) was a simple job for my food processor.  Basil, mint, oil, red wine vinegar, capers and pepper.  Pulse until done. 

Cooking tuna doesn't really require much more effort - except you need to remember to marinate the tuna early enough, which I did.  Then it was a simple matter of pan frying the tuna, blanching some greens and serving it with the salsa verde so it looks pretty on the plate as a single serve. 

I (unashamedly) did the restaurant thing of stacking the tuna on the veg, which makes it practically impossible to eat, but sure looks good. 

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