Sunday, 21 March 2010

Grilled zucchini with caprese salad and rocket salsa

First things first, I swapped the 'rocket salsa' for left over salsa verde from the tuna recipe, we still had plenty of it left, it was basil based, and was the same colour as the rocket salsa was in the magazine picture.

Anyway, this was the second recipe I made from Jill Dupleix's new column in Delicious, called Lighten Up.  Don't be scared of the name, this doesn't seem to be a diet section of the magazine, although it does give a nutritional breakdown for each recipe (you know, fat, fibre, protein, carb by percentage).  Rather, it looks to be a section focussed on light meals (although they may be high in fat!)

We don't own a big enough chargrill pan, so I did some in the chargrill pan, some in the regular fry pan, and it all tasted great.  The whole thing would have tasted better if we could have found better quality cheese.  I remember when we lived in England in 2004 G and I used to go to Harrod's all the time.  On one visit there were taste testing stands for all kinds of specialist Italian producers, including a buffalo mozzarella producer.  Divine. That cheese in this salad would have been perfect.  G is now tasked with finding something compares...

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